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Rejuvenate yourself like never before.

Whether you have a sore back or a pinched nerve, Downtown Chiropractic can get you back on your feet, feeling good as new.

 Don't put your health in the hands of expensive surgeons or "miracle" pills. Our trained professionals know exactly what your body needs to get rid of joint and muscle pain for good without having to go under the knife.

Get everything you need to feel young again.

Receive intensive care no one else can match.

With the area's only spinal decompression table, we can solve disc and nerve problems other chiropractors cannot. Our commitment to using standard process foods ensures that you fill your body with nothing but the most wholesome products available.

Give yourself the rejuvenation you deserve - call today at 810-664-3333 or visit us at 793 S Main St.

Chiropractor - Lapeer, MI - Downtown Chiropractic

Standard Process Foods

Call 810-664-3333


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